What is FoBB?


Fobb.me - Friend Or Business Buddy

Find and make new friends and business buddies. Share your ideas, build your network, or just participate in daily Chatter. Use this must-have app to stay socially connected and promote yourself and business.

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Fobb.me - Custom  Capture Page

Simple and User friendly design allows you to create custom squeeze pages without any programming knowledge. Customize your page by adding videos your lead sees before and after signup. It’s the perfect way to promote your business and build your lead base. The built in auto-responder makes connecting with leads seamless.

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Fobb.me - Blog – Flob and Share

Create blogs based on your personal or business opinions. Build your audience within any category. Find similar blogs and build partnerships. “Duke it Out” in the digital environment by commenting on fellow FoBB FloBs.

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Fobb.me - Lead Management Solution

Generate Leads from more than one App that all gets stored in one central place.Manage, email, filter, and even export your leadbase. Mark your leads as cold, new, or hot for easy marketing.

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Fobb.me - Online Survey Manager

Create your own custom surveys to poll your friends, leads, and customers. Analyze the results and use them to improve marketing techniques. Find surveys by other FoBBs that interest you and give them your feedback.

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Fobb.me - Forum Posting Service

Create Forums for your customer and lead base by topic. Share ideas and troubleshooting tips. Participate in other FoBB discussions and help answer their inquiries.

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Fobb.me - Multi-Level Marketing Solutions

Create your own MLM programs easily and place ads on multiple Top Ad Sites with the click of a button. Promote your affiliates, increase your lead base, sell inventory, create classified ads, and more. No programming knowledge needed!

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Fobb.me - Online Scheduler

Need help getting organized? Now you can schedule appointments, remember birthdays, plan trips, manage marketing campaigns, create a getaway trip, and much more all in the same spot. Coordinate with FoBBs for affiliate promotions, masterminds, or create a local event in your area.

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Fobbs have posted 2,860,001 ads using FoBB.me

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