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Redefining your Multilevel Marketing programs

  Mar 6, 2014    nitin_jenwal  

Multilevel Marketing  -  It can also be named as pyramid marketing or pyramid sales. Wherein you create a  pyramid of members. 

You are the first member and you need to create chains of members. You don't just sell the product but you earned from your members. Here in the idea is if you want to earn more, you to need grow your network. As in you will be on pyramid of this scheme. Creating network of members is not that easy. You might try some social media sites. But are they enough to create that pyramid you desired ? Yes, you might get some members. But in this case you need to manage your social media account yourself.

Sounds hectic!!!!

There come's our MLM plans into the picture. Where you just have to sign up and buy plans, according to your budget, And we will manage your marketing stuff. A plan which  starts from  silver, golden etc. Whichever suits to your budget. You can connect with other FoBBs. Chat with them, share your ideas. You can also post classified ads as well. And your MLM ads will be managed by us, which will be posted on our SEO optimized sites. You can try our free plan, and if you  like the deal, you can always go for our paid plans with extended features.

It is beyond the pyramid model. Since you don't need to manage your mlm programs, rather we will manage your programs. We will post your ads on our classified sites, what you need is sign up and have plans of your choice and you are done.

Ofcourse you have option to connect with other FoBBs . We haven't overlooked the power of social media, and that's why is not just social media portal, but, more than that.

Since you cannot avoid the power of online promotion, we have all the solution which will surely redefine your marketing campaigns.

From chain selling or chain distribution, we have moved one step ahead to online chain promotion. Where in your ads will be posted on great looking and perfectly SEO friendly classified sites.

What we beleive "Grow your network rather creating pyramids"

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