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Can google crawl our web page without a sitemap

  Mar 10, 2014    nitin_jenwal  

Hey!  I am back with one more interesting topic for my series "Understanding Search engines  - Insights of indexing"  as I had promised you.

The next question which most of the SEO's ask me is " Can Google crawl our webpage without  sitemap".

But before answering that question, let's take a situation, that your friend have invited you to his party. And location is in the town, but you have never been there before. And neither you have an address of the same. But you have to go there as it is your best friends party. If  you don't reach in there on time than what is the point or you might end up reaching wrong location. So what you would do, either you would call your friend or ask someone to guide you there. Yes! Guide you there. Same goes with site map.  Spiders might reach your page without a sitemap, and it might take a long time, even  not all the pages, and that left pages might include very important pages which you would like to get indexed or rather very important page of your website.

And that is the reason, your aim is to let search engine crawl all or very important pages of your site with the help of sitemap.

Now here you can have two types of Sitemaps html or xml. In fact, you should have both of them.

Reason for having an xml sitemap is like, if you have dynamic pages, i.e.; content of a page changes frequently, or pages are not discovered easily by spiders. Most important, if it's a new launch.

Html Sitemaps are for visitors or users. Like if they  directly want to switch to some page or would like to see the overall content of the page to reach directly to desired page. It also helps spiders to scan your content easily as you are claiming  that your website structure is well defined for users.

So, In a way both are useful and very important for search engine optimization.

So stuff which can give us value , no harm to implement, especially when it takes no time to implement.

    I hope you like this article. Any question, suggestion or comments are most  welcome.

I'll continue with series with more interesting topics.

Keep posting ....Continue Sharing....Multiply your knowledge

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