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Insights of indexing

  Mar 5, 2014    nitin_jenwal  

Understanding Search engines  - Insights of indexing

Several times I have been asked questions like how search engines work. How does it manage to show so relevant search results of our query. How it indexes newly launched web portals. Loads of question regarding search engine.  In this series of  "Understanding Search engines  - Insights of indexing",  I'll try to answer all the question regarding same. In the present article, I have tried to explain the very basic idea of search  engine and their type.

Search engine in itself, in nothing but a website, which is purely dedicated to search data function.

When we enter a query or keyword in a search bar, we are actually pointing to index created in their database for  various search data stored by their spiders.

There are basically 4 types search engines:

1) Spider powered search engine: These types of search engines use automated robots, which crawls each and every page of website i.e. Scans the website for keywords and content and stores the results into database.

These data are then sorted according to frequency of search and content relevancy  and indexed accordingly.

2) Human powered search engine: These are nothing but directories. What we usually do it for one way linking. In this case, administrator of directories needs to approve the listing. The Listing in this case is sometimes paid listing, but some of them also gives a free listing option.

3) Hybrid search engine: It's a combination of both spider and human powered search engine. Best example is yahoo. Wherein you will get  spider result or human powered results. In case of yahoo's human powered option listing is paid.

4) Meta search engines: These types of search engines combine the fetch results from multiple search engines like Google yahoo. But, result from these search engines are sometimes compromised as far as content relevancy is concerned. Best example of meta search engines is Dogpile and Clusty.

I hope this article will help you understand the basic idea of search engine. In coming articles I'll continue with some interesting topics, to get deeper insight, regarding search engines.


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