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Affiliate marketing and Referral marketing

  Mar 7, 2014    nitin_jenwal  

                    Top 5 Difference between Affiliate marketing and Referral marketing

                   Affiliate marketing and Referral marketing both use third party sources for conversion. But both of them have different approaches . I have tried to minimize the confusion between the two . Below are top 5 features which differs implementation of both the strategies. 

Affiliate marketing Referral marketing
The company has to pay a fixed percent amount to their affiliates. Herein consumer refers to his/her  friends or relatives for similar products he/she has used.
Affiliates or clients of the organization don't know each other personally. It's mostly  based on relationships between the referrer and their network.
A motivating factor over here is financial to drive sales. A motivating factor over here is altruistic.
It's based on affiliate's own marketing efforts It's based on referral personal experience of a product or service.
Techniques used in this  case are most of the times is Search Engisne Optimization, Search Engine Marketing  such as PPC, CPC, CPM  and also email marketing. The basic idea here is word of mouth.  As social media  is your personal tool to share with your closed one's is often used for the same.

Whatever may be the reason, moto behind both  approaches is to sell the product or service, along with passing the company's profit share with customer and increase its own revenue . 

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