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Best Of Both Worlds

  Feb 20, 2014    nidhi  

Time immemorial is a history of an age old contest, no not the contest of good Vs evil but the contest of ‘System & Discipline’ Vs ‘Individual Brilliance & Jugaad*’. Wether in business or on the sports field where individual performances and last minute clinches defined great victories in the Indian Sub-continent, discipline and systematic strategy defined the same for the western world.

Globalization changed the tide for India and Indians at first for the negative and then in the positive. The advent of globalization initially stunned the avg. Indian industrialist; we were quite out of our league, our systems no match for the disciplined western world, our conventional machines stood no chance in front of their sophisticated CNC machines and consequently our product quality particularly precision, repeat accuracy and finish faltered. But as always the need to survive spawns progress and growth. Soon these very global companies started teaching us these new systems the ISO’s became as much a part of our organizations as of the west and we started gaining the fruits of these fantastic organized systems. Soon we had Indian machinery manufacturers manufacture CNC and automatic machines as well, making these machines available at competitive prices.

But ‘Jugaad’ never left the Indian mindset, we combined the benefits of this innovative solution finding with the discipline of the west to bring in a new ‘Highly quality conscious’ yet ‘Price-effective’ system of our own. It is in this new system that lays the seeds of the Indian growth story.

We may be bogged down by Red Tape and corruption, but it is this combination of the best of both worlds that makes the Indian Industry and the Indian industrialist a tempting proposition for partnering  mutually beneficial relationships that ensure ‘Western Quality at Indian Cost’.

 *Juggaar or Jugaad (Hindiजुगाड़) is a Hindi-Urdu term widely used in India and Pakistan and by people of South Asian origin around the world.Jugaad (also sometimes jugarh or jugard) is a term applied to a creative or innovative idea providing a quick, alternative way of solving or fixing a problem. Jugaad literally means an improvised arrangement or work-around, which has to be used because of lack of resources.

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  • Love your post. Very informative

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