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What is humans.txt file ?

What is humans.txt file ? What are its content and how it helps in SEO ?

Thank you in advance

  Apr 1,2014     manojadmin    1 Reply

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  • It's about contribution for respective project by members involved in the process. Info could be about designers, developers, SEO and other members who are involved in the project.

    In general it includes details of team involved like name , sites email, link to contact form. You can also include social media details of project. And geo location  details can also be added.

    Adding few technical details like standards used for eg: html5, CSS3 etc, and details of component like jQuery, modernizr with tools or environment used to create application project.

    As far as SEO is concerned, doesn't really matter, but its good to have additional  info link about project.

    I hope, I have answered your question.

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